Nuke Compositor

I describe my job to people unfamiliar with the visual effects industry as a Photoshop artist for motion picture films, TV shows, and commercials. And if they don't know what Photoshop is I tell them I'm a wizard. 

Born and raised in Venice, California I grew up with no knowledge of what the visual effects industry was. During my high school years at Venice High, I was part of an academy called the New Media academy where we learned about film and art in its digital medium. It was then where I grew a passion for art. But it wasn’t until I attended college at Otis College of Art and Design where I found my true calling as a visual effects artist. Once I learned more about visual effects and what it can accomplish, I was hooked.


  • Use knowledge of camera mechanics to create photo-realistic work

  • To maintain an extremely high standard of work quality

  • Work in a team environment to share techniques and establish an efficient workflow

  • Have fun!